Welcome to Credit Corrector Solutions

Credit Audits Are Required For Each Plan & Are Necessary

What is Included In Our Credit Analysis?

  • We analyze your accounts, negative and positive to pin point what's dragging your score down
  • Identify inaccurate personal information
  • Review accounts that have high credit utilization
  • Create a plan to begin fixing the inaccurate information that is misleading or wrong
  • Use the five elements of a good credit score to create a plan for raising your credit score
  • We Get you back into good financial shape by creating a plan that improves your credit score!
  • Over-the-phone consultation about your plan
  • Give you a detailed accounting of all of the items that were discovered in the above process

Gold Plan

Monthly Credit Restoration Program (typically 2-4 months this plan is for customers with 4 or less negative items )

  • We set up your account that gives you 24/7 Client Portal Web access to track the work we've done, view dispute letters sent out on your behalf and provide daily credit info and education. You can email your credit specialist at any time through the web portal.
  • We prepare all of your dispute letters, validation request letters, and other forms and documents.
  • Send Cease and Desist Letters to Collection Agencies
  • Debt Validation with Creditors, Collection Agencies, and all 3 Bureaus
  • Credit Monitoring Every 30-45 days
  • Add Positive Tradelines To Consumers Report
  • Create a Rebuilding Credit Plan to Help Meet Your Goals and Needs
  • Monthly phone conferences and unlimited customer support
  • Credit Education through emails, newsletters, videos
  • Connection to Companies Affiliates Resources
  • Access to Attorney Assisted Restoration Lawyers For FCRA Violations, and Non-FCRA Violations
  • Upon successful completion of our credit restoration program Client Graduates and receives our Credit Restoration Program Certificate


The credit repair industry offers no guarantees and no company can predict the outcome of a credit report. We will do our best to assist you in removing the unverifiable, inaccurate and misleading information to the best of our ability. Client may only receive full refund of the past 30 days worth of charges if no negative items are removed from their credit report during duration of credit restoration program.

Cancellation Policy

Client may cancel their contract with a 30 day written notice. Client understands this pertains to a regular cancellation, not the initial three days. This agreement is month to month, and either party may cancel this agreement. Cancellation of contract does not relieve client of any obligations or work performed and client is still obligated to pay for the previous month’s work.

Credit Analysis Fee is $149 for our Gold Plan


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