DIY Credit Repair Ebook

It’s Finally Here!

Thats right the ebook you have been waiting for! This book is detailed, but most importantly will BLOW YOUR MIND! Our DO- IT-YOURSELF credit repair manual is for those of you that want to repair your own credit without having to pay a fee to a credit repair company to do it for you. Instead, YOU CAN DISPUTE AND REPAIR YOUR OWN CREDIT like the EXPERTS! 


This ebook will show you the methods for “SMASHING YOUR BAD CREDIT” and raising your credit scores! We carefully handpicked dispute template letters, and compiled extensive information to give you the best jumpstart possible. 

This  Book  Will  Show  You  How  To :

  1. Understand Your credit reports and monitor them.
  2. Identify errors, & negative accounts on credit reports.
  3. File Identity Theft paperwork if identity is compromised.
  4. Dispute errors with Credit Bureaus, Debt Collectors, and Creditors.
  5. Build and enhance your credit scores.
  6. Choose and send out appropriate dispute letter templates that can be edited for your situation.
  7. Get Debt Collectors To Stop Harassing you, make them “prove’ you owe them.
  8. How to get debt collectors to agree to delete negative items off Your credit reports if you settle.


Purchase ebook and gain immediate entry into our secret facebook group where you can receive advice, support, & ask questions, as your repairing your credit! 


Grab Your Book today for

Only 24.99!

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This is the book you NEED!


1.CREDIT REPAIR SOFTWARE (COMPATIBLE AND CAN BE DOWNLOADED WITH WINDOWS PC only AT THIS TIME) dispute and repair your credit directly from the software. PRICE: $149.99

2.100 DIY DISPUTE TEMPLATE LETTERS (If you don’t want to purchase ebook, and only want the dispute letters)

PRICE :$29.99

Credit Corrector Solutions repairs credit and is always available for services. We have provided these products as a way for customers to do it themselves without the hassles of dealing with a credit repair company if that’s not what they want to do.

Call us today for a free consultation at 877-335-8865 or fill out our contact form on the website for more information about our products.



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