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Today I want to talk about recognizing the signs when you may need credit services or just some indicators that your credit scores need a boost!

I never forget when I was in so much debt back in the 90’s that I simply wanted to crawl under a rock and bury myself under it. My credit scores were in the 400’s and I couldn’t get anyone to lend me a buck. Every time I checked my credit scores they seemed like they were sinking and sinking. If I did need a loan, I had to get a co-signer (someone with better credit) to sign on my behalf.

How did I pull myself out of the debt ditch? By creating a plan, a budget, a financial strategy and most importantly, I began working on my credit.

6 clear indicators you need to form a plan, get on a budget, and clean your credit up when:

1. Debt collectors are calling you or sending you correspondence.
2. You need a co-signer to get a loan.
3. Your constantly denied credit.
4. Landlords wont rent to you.
5. If you are approved for credit your given higher interest rates and required to pay higher deposits.
6. Your scared to check your credit reports.


If you have identified with at least 3 of these then you may be in need of a budgeting plan and credit repair!

Stay Tuned next week for more credit tidbits from Credit Corrector Solutions.

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